New Shooting Experience - Aikido Seminar

I like the work of a photographer because sometimes it uproots from that familiar reality and the circle of people with whom my life passes, and throws me somewhere into a parallel universe. Where it turns out that although the scenery and actors have changed, the performance is the same! Brighter, sharper, you begin to see the main thing, the essence - a kind of skeleton, without which there is no action, no result. You understand that in fact the law is the same for everything.

You can know a technique, have excellent physical training, but if you have not managed to be here and now in a duel, feel, analyze and predict the enemy in order to catch the right moment, nothing will work. You will lose. Same with mountains.

In high school, I practiced karate for half a year with complete delight, uncontrollably, so in a short period I managed to grow to 6 kyu, that is, pass the exam 4 out of 4 times. opponent), but she didn’t like sparring, because she could never find in herself so much anger and desire to beat people (oh, this youth😂). Therefore, I quit, but since then I often remembered this period of my life, because martial arts gave me a lot.

Last week I photographed an aikido seminar, in Vladikavkaz it was led by Valery Anatolievich Skrylev, a mentor from St. Petersburg. To be honest, while I was doing color correction of photos from battojutsu training (with a sword), I almost signed up for the section - damn beautiful movements.


P.S. Remarque for russian climbers. Mikhail Alexandrovich Sitnik does not conduct aikido schools, the pictures show a completely different person - it seemed to you!

Thank you very much for your assistance to the Aikido Federation of the Republic of North Ossetia.