ABOut me

each person sees the world around him in his own way: through the prism of own life experience, knowledge, the capabilities of his body. My vision was formed by the not shortest life path, measured in thousands horizontally and vertically kilometers  in search of myself, my home and my place in this world. And this search continues with every frame.

I was born in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, but since 2017 I'm moving from place to place.

As a permanent residence I tested:  Vladivostok, Bakhchisarai AnD ST. Petersburg.

Now I'm living in VLADIKAVKAZ.

Also visited mountainous regions of Russia: Far East (MiaO-CHAN, etkil-yankansky ridge, Badzhal, Dusse-Alin, Sikhote-Alin, AESOP), Siberia (Kodar, South-Muisky ridge, Altai), Caucasus, Hibiny and Crimea.


— Bachelor of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

— Climber

— sport tourist (Russia made sport from hard hiking)

— Karate: Gako-ryu (Setokan), 6 ku

— Hitchhiker (30,000 km)


Received "Tourist of Russia", "Primorsky Bars" (No. 139), "Bars of Altai 3 degrees" (No. 559), chevron "Mountain climber of the Khabarovsk Territory".


«The American Alpine Journal», edition 2021

«Climbing», Ascent edition 2021: 8 photos

personal photo exhibitions


the exposition includes shots taken during my participation in the expedition "TransBaikal Patagonia" in the summer of 2020. I also prepared small texts for all the pictures - in aggregate, this formed the basis of this artistic projectwhich became a kind of attempt to understand the motivation of the first ascenders,  to feel and convey the experience gained to people in order to inspire them to take their own steps towards understanding the world and themselves.

Dates of the exhibition in Russian cities:

Saint-petersburg 16 febrary - 12 march 2021 (sport club "Igels", naberezhnaya obvodnogo kanala 134)
Murmansk 16 march - 2 April 2021 (Murmansk State Regional Scientific Library, st. Sophia Perovskaya 21a)
moscow 8 april - 20 April 2021 (climbing center "Bigwall sport", VDNKh, pavilion 22)
Ekaterinburg 26 april - 16 may 2021 (HOUSE OF CINEMA, st. Lunacharsky 137)

Vladikavkaz September - present time (climbing center "Rockstar" , st. moscowskAYA 8)

photo contests 


became a finalist of the competition "photo view of St. Petersburg", the work "bearing the cross" was exhibited in the Stroganov palace of the Russian museum, St. Petersburg.


1st place in the category "Landscape", photo competition "Bakhchisarai in the lens", Bakhchisarai historical, cultural and archaeological museum-reserve, Bakhchisarai, Crimea.

1st place in the "Landscape" nomination, photo competition XII Festival "Edge: travel, adventure, extreme", Khabarovsk, Russia.

II place in the nomination "Portrait", photo competition XII Festival "Edge: travel, adventure, extreme", Khabarovsk, russia.


II place in the nomination "Portrait", photo competition IX Festival "Edge: travel, adventure, extreme", Khabarovsk, russia.